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11 December 2011

A Word From Our Sponsor...Witchmountain

Fabric wallets, each hand printed and stitched using vintage fabrics and buttons £12.00

Our first post of the week is all about an incredibly talented lady from North Yorkshire, Kim Tillyer who is truly one of the most talented people Miss Curiosity has ever come across. Her drawings are out-of-this-world beautiful and remind us very much of 'The Bear' in terms of her style, they have such a mystical, magical quality to them. Kim's art translates beautifully into the hand crafted accessories she makes and we're sharing our favourites with you here...

"The wonderful world of WITCHMOUNTAIN where "the owls are not what they seem", the elves work late into the night to help the shoemaker and the bears head East of the Sun and West of the Moon in search of Love and Magic...
Witchmountain is an eclectic mix of original framed artworks, quirky hand painted jewellery and printed and embroidered textiles; including beautiful, bespoke, baby slippers and lavender filled brooches. Each piece is a miniature work of art made in my remote moorland cottage in the middle of the North York Moors. Commissions are most welcome."

Hand painted bramble flower brooch £12.00

Hand painted Ursa Major bear necklace with vintage glass beads

Hand embroidered 'Bear Feet' baby slippers £20.00

Lavender Bear Brooch £10.00

Peacock Feather Tattoo Necklace £16.00

If you do one thing today, be sure to check out Kim's work, we love her style and think one of her pieces would make the perfect Christmas gift this year.



  1. Or a gift for bridesmaids. I've been looking for something quirky and unique to give to my maids and this is perfect.

  2. Beautiful aren't they? I'm in love with her drawings...

  3. Thank you Tiff and Laura, what a good idea, I have been thinking about trying to make something for the wedding market and your words along with the rose brooch suddenly made a light bulb come on!