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19 December 2011

Worried About Your Boxes? Nudging & Chasing...

Given the increased volume of boxes that are coming in now, we're also seeing a number of participants worried that having sent their boxes in time for the deadline they have not arrived. The same can be said for those waiting for theirs to arrive.

Please read on if you are one of the following:

'My Box Hasn't Appeared On The Blog!'

If you posted your box by Dec 14th and you haven't yet seen that yours has been received via the blog, you may email us to ask us to chase your recipient. You will need to provide your Curious ID in order for us to do so.
We do ask recipients to kindly email your photos in as soon as your box arrives to put your sender's mind at rest (and save us from the extra admin!)

If you haven't posted your box yet, then DO IT NOW! You know who you are...

'I Haven't Received My Box!'

If you're waiting by the letterbox every morning for the postman and haven't yet received anything, please be patient. Whilst the deadline for postage was Dec 14th, some parcels are being sent from overseas. Given the time of year the Post Office will also be dealing with an increased number of parcels to process.

However, if after the 27th Dec you still haven't received your box then we WILL be chasing those senders. Anyone who fails to respond to our email or chooses not to send a box will be black listed and denied access to future projects. It's a tough approach but we have a responsibility towards our participants and indeed our own reputation in order to make the projects we organize both fun and fair.

Christmas Blogging

Please note that we won't be blogging any boxes from the 24th-27th of December to allow us time to enjoy the festive period. Don't worry though-we're back on the 28th with a fresh batch of boxes for you to have a good nose over!



  1. Have just emailed you :o)

  2. I'm afraid I'm terrible and posted my box late (due to ill health and awaiting a final special item to arrive!)...however it should certainly be there before the 27th!! xx

  3. Mine has arrive and emailing the boxes today. The one I sent doesnt seem to have been blogged :( xx