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29 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #7

This box is full of giggles. Wind up Lederhosen? Face paint crayons? Errr hello!

"My box. It has arrived! Well, it arrived a little while ago but after a stress attempt to get it redelivered it took a wee while to get my paws on it. But by the time I did the anticipation was excruciating (unfortunately our sorting office is very far away and I needed to wait for the post office to bring it back to me). It was then delivered to my office, but I was working from a different office that day so still had to wait! But it was worth it. When I arrived at the office there was a big pink box sitting on my desk which I promptly took home (to the curious envy of all colleagues!) 

Clearly when I got home the first thing I did was find my camera and start opening. Under the lovely pink packaging was a sparkly Christmas box (complete with bubble wrap-yay!). Inside I found a lovely little card (which my cat had to inspect) and discovered each gift was wrapped individually in pink tissue paper. Almost all of them had little tags on them with helpful words that indeed made me smile. The first gift I opened was a pair of windup hopping lederhosen. I knew this was going to be a good box. 

The other wonderful contents were: 
*pack of red polka dot paper napkins
*great handmade stocking
*heart covered address book
*sparkly gold noisemaker
*mini lion jigsaw puzzle
*mini crayon set
*face paint crayons
*little cross stitch with a girl and a letter G (and strangely enough, my second name starts with G!)
*foam aeroplane
*Christmas teddy bear kaleidoscope with a Christmas teddy bear stamp! 

It was all quite awesome, though my cat did enjoy the tissue paper more than the gifts. He was quite the wee helper. Now I can't wait to get mine out which is definitely coming together (especially now pay day has arrived!). 

Merry Curiousmas everyone! 

xxx Tammy"

Curiousmas. We LOVE that! 


28 November 2011

A Word From Our Sponsor...La Chic Unique

All girls love pretty jewellery, right? We love La Chic Unique's designs just that little bit more because they're quirky, "unique" and most importantly re-purposed and re-loved...

"La Chic Unique was set up in 2010 as a hobby but as interest in her creations grew and more and more people enquired about designs and commissions, Liz took the next step to make a small business out of her creations.

In the last 6 months Liz has created a cupcake themed line exclusively for Hey Little Cupcake in the exclusive Spinningfields in Manchester, created commissions for some undisclosed celebrities and is currently working on a Vintage Collection covering 40's through to 80's for My Vintage, an online only vintage marketplace...

What's My Name Necklace: This one is Miss Curiosity's favourite design.

The silver metal tag is hand stamped with a name or word of your choice. To the back a small message can be stamped if it's for a gift.
The small gold tone metal heart is optional, it can be stamped with a letter or you can have more than one.
It comes as standard on a 16" silver tone chain. Totally unique to each customer so let your imagination run wild.

Nefertiti's Jewel Necklace (now SOLD)

Originally a brooch, this beautiful necklace has been created from genuine vintage items.
The central stone is in perfect condition, and with some natural patina to charm it really adds a whole other dimension to this beauty.
Its a lovely gold metal and measures approx 4" wide. It is hanging from a genuine gold tone, 18" vintage chain.
With a genuine vintage clasp, what more could you ask for from this beauty of the past.

'Do You Have The Lock?' earrings now SOLD

Created from 2 vintage silver metal keys, these gorgeous earrings are unique from start to finish.
Adorned with a mini pink flower cabochon, cut from resin these keys measure approx 2 inches.
Hanging from a pair of silver tone, nickel free kidney earring hooks, then finished with cream satin hand tied bows these earrings are a must have!
Standing out from the crowd in these will not be a problem.

Teapot Dreams necklace now SOLD

Made from sterling 925 silver, with a touch of 9ct gold plating, this hollow tea pot necklace is a real stunner.
A lovely plump shape with all the finer details of the top, handle and the spout.
Hanging from a sterling silver 16" chain and ready to wear."

If you're stuck for ideas for that perfect gift this Christmas or you need that little something to pop in your curiosity box, swing by La Chic Unique for affordable bling ;-)


Image Credits:

A Curious Christmas! Box #6

"How wonderful.. my box arrived promptly after the recipients addresses went out.. filled with handmade loveliness and an introduction to a Scandinavian knitting technique.. Awesome! looking forward to entering the project again in the future!" x

Thanks Esther! What a gloriously varied and colourful box to receive...and are the tea bags from Norwich a hint to the location of your sender perhaps? ;-)


A Curious Christmas! Box #5

Our second post of the day comes from recipient Katy who sent us an absolute stonker of an email and it's an extra special one today in which we send our condolences and give the sender of this parcel a pat on the back for their timing...

"Dear mystery person,

First of all, your timing couldn't have been better.  I thought my parcel must still be a couple of weeks away, and you're certainly more organised than I am (although I've been planning for the last few weeks to go and do all of my shopping at a Christmas market next weekend).  I got home from work on Friday night to find a card from the postman, shortly before I got a phone call to tell me they were expecting my aunt to die fairly shortly (sad now that we've finally come to it, but we've actually been expecting it any time for the last 2 months, and she'd been ready since the summer so mixed in with the sadness is relief that she's not suffering). So this morning, after my mother phoned to tell me that she'd died around dawn, I got to walk a mile and a half through lovely winter sunshine and crispy leaves to the post office and back. This turned out to be just what I needed, as the walk was ideal to give me time to think about the news and sort my head out. I hadn't even thought that your parcel might turn up on the same day, because we've been trying to pretend that we all believed she'd still be here for one last family Christmas, but I'm so glad it did. Knowing that I'd got something so lovely to look forward to helped me so much while I was in that limbo period of knowing the news would come soon, but still waiting for it. The box would have been lovely and whimsical and a delight to open on any day, but today it was valued even more. Thank you for unknowingly getting me through what would have been a terribly sad day without your curious parcel.

That makes a change for Royal Mail eh? Teee hee!

The outside was beautifully decorated, with stars and cheerful messages.  I particularly liked the back of the parcel, with the warning to "open carefully - I'm full of surprises". I did indeed open it carefully, to find a prettily wrapped box and a lovely note instructing me to start with the tin.  And the BFG stamp/references were a wonderful way to set the tone for the rest of the box. I took the wrapping paper off to read the same quote from Alice that I'd been planning to write on my own box! and a lovely reference to some fabric packing supplies you hoped I would appreciate and that had come from your own collection.  When I lifted the lid, I saw pretty tissue paper which folded back to reveal a box stuffed with goodies. 

As instructed, I started with the tin which was a very sweet Christmassy tin, containing two tea bags and some chocolate Christmas puddings. Ever so cute.

Next I looked into the rest of the box and decided to start with the package attached to the Santa postcard - you can see it sitting on the two lovely. There was a lovely message on the card, and more highly decorative stamps. This first package contained some adorable food labels, which I'm really looking forward to sticking on things, and I can see why you want to get some for yourself too.  

Next came 3 cute tubes of hand cream. I think my favourite is the bluebell, but I can see myself changing my mind on that frequently. I like the suggestion of keeping them in 3 different places.  Thank you.  

The next little package I came to contained snow! I think it might be getting mixed up and scattered around the base of the tree in a few weeks.

After that (I could't believe how many things you'd got in this box - it seemed never ending!) was another parcel with a third postcard attached. This one explained how you'd sent one of your favourite books, and gave me some lovely detail about the circumstances in which you'd read it - people may be able to read your comments in the photo, but if they can't see it too well, the book's J G Ballard, Empire of the Sun.  Which I've never read, so I'll look forward to taking it away with me over Christmas. 

And there was still more to come. Next, I got to a pretty little box containing a hand made brooch followed by a sweet scented little parcel. When I opened this one, I found a Cath Kidson soap to match one of the hand creams. It smells lovely. Then, another box with an enticingly poetic label - "For your tree made by me". This turned out to contain a lovely little Christmas tree, which I'm looking forward to hanging on the real thing.  I love the button baubles.

And finally, I'd explained in my notes about myself that I'd just taken up sewing, and patchworking, but that I'd never mastered wool-based stuff like knitting.  So your last package, and 4th postcard, is a challenge for me! A little Santa french knitting doll.  I vaguely remember learning how to do this as a child, and I'm happy to accept your challenge, along with the invitation to look at a craft outside of my comfort zone. 

I'm amazed and very grateful to have received so many adorable things - thank you so much for all the thought you put into every gift.  I love it all, especially the fabrics - the back story just makes them extra special.  I hope you get something from your mystery person that shows even half as much creativity and care."

The knitting dolls are a great way to introduce yourself to knitting slowly Katy-honestly, it's such a relaxing craft, you'll love it!


A Curious Christmas! Box #4

"Hi curious people! 

I was so happy to receive this on Friday evening after a week in work with a cold and feeling rubbish! Was a lovely feeling of excitement to get into the big red postal box.

So the theme was love, as I have been so unlucky in love the last few years! I also love cwtching "cuddling up" ( I'm welsh) so got a sweet hot water bottle too! I have also found a recent love for hot chocolate and there was a little just for "one" sachet in there too! So after I had my little moment of excitement I popped the kettle on and spent the evening with my hot chocolate and feeling happy that a complete stranger had done this! One very happy girl!

Really hope my curious friend enjoys my gift sometime this week! 

Jade x"

What a lovely snuggly box. We love "cwtching" on a cold night too!


26 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #3

When this box landed in our inbox last night we thought we might expire with the utter beauty of the contents of this box. WOW! It has everything-a glittery box, Christmas decoration, handmade beauties, vintage galore and even a little something made by our sponsor The Vintage Drawer. Lucky recipient Jane tells us more...

"There is truth in the benefits of deferred gratification: my Curiosity Box arrived last weekend and I enjoyed it even more for the wait. I'd been out for dinner the night before with a group of old friends and was just sitting on the guest bed chatting to my friend who'd stayed over, wearing my dressing gown, fluffy socks and bed-hair. The door knocker went and I knew what it would be straight away. It took only a nano-second to decide - open the door to the postman in my present undignified state or pick the parcel up from the sorting office later? The postman commented on how lovely I looked in my dressing gown.

I waited impatiently until my daughter arrived home so that she could open my box with me. (I had opened hers with her.) It was incredibly well wrapped up in black plastic and totally covered in tape, so the delicate unwrapping was quickly replaced by sawing away with a knife... to reveal a sparkly gold box tied with red ribbon and, inside, a collection of wonderful things. How did my curious friend know I'm such an avid reader? The beautiful handmade linen bookmark is already a treasure. 

The three really fine embroidered handkerchiefs will look stunning in some simple darkwood frames; the little glass bottle will stand on my kitchen window with little flowers in it; the pretty silver teaspoon is perfect with the trios of antique cups, saucers and plates I'm beginning to collect; I'll love adding the handmade tree decoration to my collection of others that come out each Christmas. So many lovely things to exclaim over.

The vintage notelets are perfect, and I loved the personal touch of the post card from my home town. Yes, I do know the view very well. Just to the left would be the tudor Christchurch mansion. I've walked my baby grandson around the round pond a couple of times. Whatever happened to Mrs. Carter?

So thank you to my curious friend for such a treat. My son has photographed it all for me."

Just beautiful. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it! 


25 November 2011

DIY Paper Christmas Baubles With Jeska Herne

This weekend we're kicking off our DIY mini series with a gorgeously simple project created especially for you by Jeska Herne from aspirational lifestyle blog Lobster & Swan...

Paper Christmas Baubles 

you will need-
Vintage map or decorative paper
Double sided tape
Cocktail sticks
Rubber stamp
Ink pad
Thin twine, thread or wool
Large eyed needle
Small luggage labels
Large and small craft paper punch (or two different sized circle templates, pencil and scissors)

☞  Cut 5 large circles and 15 small from your chosen paper, I used a vintage navigational chart, stamp each of the larger paper rounds with the design of your choice and when dry fold each circle in half, image on the inside. 

☞  Pop a tiny strip of double sided tape or glue on the plain side of each fold, line up your next circle and stick the half moons together, repeat until the five form a sphere.

☞  Stick each sphere in a cocktail stick and carefully paint the edges with glue. 

☞  Over a small bowl shake over the glitter until it covers all the glue on all five sides, shake off excess glitter stand somewhere to dry.

☞  Meanwhile stamp and decorate your luggage labels and loop a length of string through the hole. 

☞  When your glittered edges are dry use the needle to guide two small, the large and the final small bauble onto the string, tie a knot and hang! 

Simply brilliant, don't you think? And because Jeska is such a superstar, we have a...


Fancy winning your own perfect little box containing everything you need to make one little paper bauble? Jeska has one to give away to a lucky winner!

Here's how to enter:

Simply leave a comment telling us where you'd like to hang your bauble and why. Your answer can be as meaningful or comical as you like...although be careful not to offend too much with naughty words ;-) Jeska will pick the winner for us next Friday 2nd December.

Go forth my pretties and create wonderful things!


Image Credits:
All images © Jeska Herne

24 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #2

"When I got back from uni my box was sitting on the table waiting for me.I was going to wait for my boyfriend to open it with me but cos he was at work till late I couldn't wait!
The box was wrapped in brown paper and underneath it was covered in lots of pictures collaged on and tied up with string.

The card said open me and read:

"Dear my curious friend,

I hope you enjoy this box of curiosities picked and made just for you. I too am lucky enough  to have found the love of my life, his name is Edward. We both live together in our little 18th C home in South Wales. If you find the odd dog hair it is compliments of our yellow lab Otto, who insisted on helping pack your box. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and happy new year,

Love your friend in the country J x"

What a lovely letter and so jealous of your dog. We live with my parents and they won't let us have one!

Now to my box:

Two handmade christmas decorations in red (my favourite colour) - they shall go on our tree!
A spotty red make up bag.
A little red handbag - so sweet.
A tin of red snoopy sweets - yum yum!
A wildlife in the city book - will definitely be read!
Enid Blyton adventurous four book - loved reading her when I was little!
A handmade brooch - lovely patterns on it
A very curious old glass bottle
A home made tweedy tissue cover
A homemade hot water bottle cover plus 2 panda brooches! saved the best till last as pandas are my absolute obsession and I collect anything with them on!

Thank you, its so nice that someone who you don't even  know spends time putting it all together and thinking about you!

Thank you my countryside friend - hope you and Edward have a happy life together!
love CJ x"


Our favourite item is without doubt the panda hot water bottle cover. Wowzers! 


A Word From Our Sponsor: The Vintage Drawer

Two words always spring to mind when we think of Vicky Trainor's work. Exquisitely delicate. We love her style with every teeny tiny excited squeal that pops out when we discover yet another of her beautiful designs and were over the moon to be introduced to her new venture earlier this year...

"I am strongly inspired by the late forties/early fifties. Everyone’s home was full of hand made treasures, hand me downs, furniture, crockery and linen from previous generations all coming together under one roof. I also find the development of new design during this period so inspirational; bright playful illustrative fabrics and colourful palettes brought new ways of looking at everyday objects.  

From as early as I can remember I have always been working on a project; hand sewing, flower pressing, shell collections, stamp collections, making bizarre Christmas presents, French knitting. I have lived in the world of ‘home spun’ all my life, being surrounded by family who were always making something, always someone with a project to be inspired by, button boxes to play with and sort.

I wanted to introduce a new collection of stationery that allowed this era to be a source of inspiration and at the beginning of 2011 The Vintage Drawer Collection was launched.  All of the products are made with love, by hand, in my studio from vintage and retro fabrics and haberdashery.  I also use table linens that have been damaged in time that contain the most exquisite hand embroidery.  The embroidery is re-worked, where required, and transformed into pretty stationery and gifts that have been re-invented, recycled, up-cycled, re-loved, re-cherished, all holding a story from the past.

Alongside the general stationery from this collection sits a much loved collection of gifts, all sat in pretty rows, on the vintage shelves of my etsy store. Fifties inspired love brooches, decorated linen bookmarks, hair clips, lavender pin cushions, sewing cases, embellished door signs, collaged and hand sewn greetings cards, the collection continues to grow."

Vicky's latest masterpiece is these supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ribbons-the perfect addition to any curiosity box as indeed are any number of the lovelies you see before you. Feast your eyes my pretties!


23 November 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #1

Yes my friends, Christmas has come early! Box #1 arrived at its destination in South Devon. Recipient Kate was ever so pleased...

"Here are some pics of the wonderful curiosity box I received on Saturday. Coincidence or not?  My kind box-giver lives in South Devon like me!  A wonderfully eclectic mix of bits and bobs including:

A rather amazing pink crocheted flower brooch and black shopping bag - these must have taken ages to make and are delightful.
Another crocheted Xmas decoration.
A vintage Enid Blyton book.  
My daughter is coveting the ribbon covered address book.
A very sweet (optional to open) envelope was included that detailed her reasons for the gifts.  
Some tea bags.
A recycled record turned into a trinket box.
A decoupage heart.
Two postcards.
Handmade soap.
Terracotta worm (indicates when plants need to be watered).

Thoughtful and appreciated!  Thank you so much.  They all appealed to my love of Devon, food and handmade items.  I am going to be sending mine out soon.  I have a lot to live up to!!"

We need to just point out that the phallic object in
the box is a terracotta plant worm!
Pleased to see the sender of this box hand crafting some of their gifts, we do love a bit of crochet!