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9 January 2012


Photo of postman via Parish Of Dundry

Wow, what a crazy few months it's been here at Curiosity HQ! Over 560 participants from all over the world, over 300 boxes blogged and a new site that launched early November which to date has received over 110,000 hits!

We're now coming to the end of our Curious Christmas project which officially closes tomorrow. If you've been sent a box and you've not sent your images in, DO SO NOW. They won't be blogged beyond this point.

Having spent the last few weeks chasing boxes, we are now unable to continue beyond this point. If you've been in touch in the last 24 hours for a chase then this has been done for you.

Boxes will continue to be blogged all day tomorrow as they come in but posting will stop at 7pm GMT when we'll post up further information as to what to do if you did not receive your box or see it posted on the blog.

See you on the other side!

Miss Curiosity


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