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5 January 2012

Chasing Boxes...Please Note...

Hello All!

Just a quick note to reassure you that if you've emailed in regarding the whereabouts of your box then your request will have been sorted for you. Given the volume of emails we receive on a daily basis it just isn't possible to respond to every one individually, however we chase senders and recipients once a day and blog the boxes daily as they arrive into our inbox.

The project comes to a close on January 10th and we won't be blogging boxes beyond this point. There will be further information to come to help you trace your boxes after this point if they've still not arrived.

Happy New Year!

Miss Curiosity


1 comment:

  1. I think I can speak for all of us curious people when I say a massive thank you Tiffany for all your hard work in keeping on top of all of this! I can't imagine the admin nightmare you have must be keeping chasing and collating and blogging and everything else!