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1 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #246

 "My curiosity box has arrived!!

Waking up to a grey snowy morning here in Edmonton, Canada I sure could use a little pick me up....and what better than a box of treats from the other side of the world?!

I'm sure my curiosity buddy, in Scotland, can appreciate how much colour can do to lift our spirits on grey days and so she included loads of goodies in her favourite colour RED! It was so inviting and uplifting and just what I needed!

The first thing I did was put on the kettle for a cup of tea and was then shocked to find the first gift I opened was two tea cup cosies! As a mother of three its rare that I am able to get to drink my tea before its gone cold. Now I have just a little bit of extra time to spare and my tea will stay hot for longer! Perfect!

My 3 year old daughter saw my newly cosied cup and asked why my tea was wearing a jumper! She, of course, wants to use the second one on her cup of juice....

And my 1 year old daughter made off with the box everything came in and is methodically filling and emptying it with anything she can find! Babies always prefer the boxes things come in I guess!

There were also some LOVELY little hand made buttons and a button brooch. I love them! I cant wait to use the buttons in a craft project and to wear my button badge when we go out later! I am thinking it will be perfect to pin my scarf together, a problem I have been having in the windy weather here!

The wreath is adorable and will be going up with my decorations next Christmas and the lavender pouch is now sitting in my bedroom to fill the room with its relaxing scent, ready for bedtime tonight!

My 7 year old son saw the little red heart in the box and said "That must mean she added love to the box..."

I couldn't have said it better!"


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  1. Kathryn, am delighted you received your parcel safely, again, sorry it came after christmas. Your comments were very generous, great you enjoyed your red goodies, and that they might prove useful. Loved news that one of your children had snaffled the box to store their things in. Happy new year and stay curious. Debbie