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1 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #249

"Hello my Friends!

Niesamowita niespodzianka, prezenty wspaniałe, i wszędzie the złote serduszkaďż˝Ś! ďż˝Śok, I know, nobody understand me and my favorite polish language, but fortunately there is a google translator, hurey! :)  It's me again, Aga from Poland and my daughter Alicja, so it's our second Curious Christmas Box and second description, please forgive us our mistakes, all right, let's go!

This beautiful box came to us from England just before Christmas and bring us lot of fun, pleasure and warm moments. Elegant, beautiful red box with golden pattern. Everything wrapped in elegant paper with the ribbon. Inside the box: wonderful smell!..what smells so beautifully?

Ok, we opened, and inside there were hundred of golden hearts, they were everywhere, inside and outside, even in the envelope!

And also In our box we found:

1. A Christmas Card with a few warm words and wishes from our Curious Friend.

2. A Little red candle - oh yes!, and this is that marvellous smell! CHERRIES ON SNOW! Cherries, mmmm...

3. Mini all butter Scottish shortbread fingers (no, honey, we couldn't eat them all, first we should take a picture).

4. "LOL" Calendar 2012 - very unique and funny calendar with black & white retro pictures of laughing people or people with funny faces :) Our favourite: May with Grandma playing ping pong :)

5. Andďż˝Śsomething really incredible - A silver Angel -  the sun catcher. And what's this? On the attached card we can read: "By hanging these stunning sun catchers in the window of your home or car, it will help create positive Chi Energy. It is believed that Chi Energy permeates every aspect of your everyday life, and it is important that you encourage positive Chi energy into your home." It's really beautiful gift. In the evening I had read about Chi Enery and Feng Shui on the internet. It's really interesting. Now I hope that the Angel will help us catch a lot of positive energy (and good moods :) , especially there is not a lots of sun in winter in Warsaw, and we all miss spring.

We absolutely love our curiosity box!!!

To my curious sender: Thank you so much for such lovely gifts!! BARDZO DZIĘKUJĘ! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, and I wish you A Happy New Year 2012!!! Best wishes and greetings from Poland! :)"

Thank you Miss Tiffany for organising it all, its a fabulous idea! We cannot wait for the next Curiosity Project!

P.S. The Christmas Box arrived to us a few days ago, but we still find a little golden hearts on the floor, on the table in kitchen, in my daughter's Ala hair, in cat dander...These tiny hearts are everywhere...! It makes us smile :))

A Happy New Year 2012 for every Curious Project! Take care!

Ala + Aga-S 


  1. yeah! my box has arrived safely to Poland :-)

    Glad you liked your box and especially the angel since I know you like angels!

    Happy New Year!

    P.S the box is sent from Scotland, thats why I sent the shortbread :-) Enjoy

  2. THANK YOU once again, sorry for my mistake (Scotland of course!!), and beautiful Angel.. it works! :) We are so happy now :) I hope you like my pohotos! Best wishes for you Nicola, kisses! ***