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1 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #250

"My curiosity box arrived on Christmas eve and could not have come at a better time ... I was just home from an exhausting trip round the shops for last-minute gifts and food, was heartily sick of Christmas before it had begun and was longing for a bit of a treat. Lo, no sooner had I taken my coat off than the postman buzzed and my box was delivered. Yay! Of course, had I had more will power I would have saved it to be opened on Christmas Day but naturally that was never going to happen ...

In the box was a lovely card and various beautifully wrapped gifts. Fending off the kitten, who was just as curious as I was to see what was inside, I poured a glass of wine and began to unwrap all my lovely treats, which could not have been more thoughtfully chosen or guaranteed to delight me.

In the box I found:

A mini Christmas tree - so welcome, especially as this was the first year we had decided not to have a real Christmas tree (new kitten + Christmas tree = disaster). 

A lovely tree decoration, which is hanging in my office now and will remain there all year.

A selection of chocolates and candy canes (alas, all eaten by now but very much appreciated).

A tea light & little container (also in my office, as I like to light candles when I'm hunched over my computer all day)

A book, which I can't wait to start. I am passionate about reading and hadn't heard of this book at all, but my sender assures me it's a favourite of hers and I'm sure I will love it. Happy new year to you all!

Anna xxxxx

All in all, a great selection of treats. This was my first curiosity project and it certainly won't be my last. Thank you, sender, you made me very very happy!"

1 comment:

  1. Hi Anna

    I sent you your box, I am so glad you liked it.
    Hope that 2012 brings you more curious surprises x x x