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1 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #252

"My Curious Christmas Box arrived just before Christmas, but I was too disorganised to sort out photos before now.  I don't know what the postman made of the "Desperate Dan" wrapping paper, but it certainly brightened up the doorstep!

Opening the box revealed a gift bag and the message "Christmas is here !".  In the bag
was a very pretty card, some hand coloured tree decorations, and yet more "Desperate
Dan" wrapped pressies, which revealed themselves to be:

* a "regal" notebook
* a flick book, showing a boy blowing up a balloon
* a "Dan Dare" card game (which will come in handy for the next games night)
* "Brilliant Brain Trainer" book (just the sort of thing I love)

So - very well done to my mystery sender, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too"


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