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2 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #255

 "I joined the curiosity project for the 1st project, and had such fun. I didn't want to miss out on the christmas project, and boy, it didn't disappoint.
I was at work when my box arrived on the Friday. My neighbour dropped my box round the next day, but as I was out, my boyfriend received the parcel. He text me right away, you see I had been rabbiting on about this curious gifting project for months, so he knew how excited I'd be.

I walked in to see a blue box with a cute vintage sticker saying 'fragile'. I honestly panicked at this moment, as the mail company (who cannot be named as some people might get in trouble) aren't famous for their fragile mailing methods. I opened the box with anticipation.
To my delight everything was intact. Lots of lovely treats awaited me. 
I read my note from my curious sender. "I hope you enjoy your little box of delights". I already know I will.

I realise this amazing box is full of many of the curiosity project's sponsors items. Handmade stationery, stickers, fridge magnets (for my growing collection) a tiny heart shaped paper clip (more helpful then you know), a small scented heart, a package rapped in blue paper, and a vintage candy box. Inside the candy box I find a gorgeous natural handmade soap, and 2 little candy shaped candles. I open the blur tissue paper, inside a box reads "Cup of Tea?" (makes me giggle as my 2year old brothers always offers me "cup of tea?" in his sweet voice. Inside is the coolest tea towel. I LOVE THIS! 

I truly love this project, and believe in it 100%. Even my mum is eager to join the next project, and I can't wait!

Long live curiosity, without it, life would be a little boring! 

Thank you!"

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