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2 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #257

"I had been feeling very guilty about how long it took me to pack up and send my parcel, and each day I worried that I would receive my box before I managed to post the one I was putting together. You can therefore imagine the surprise when an hour or so after getting home from posting my box (on the last posting day no less), the door bell rang and my postman handed me a parcel that had travelled all the way from Canada!  After much squeaking, the parcel was ripped open the contents examined.

My sender had included lots of lovely things and I could tell that much thought had gone into each one.  She included a lovely handwritten card (beautiful handwriting btw), and a note detailing what was included;

Inanimate stickers – what a wonderful idea.  Once my children are at school I intend to bring all my boring household items to life.  I’ll resist naming them though, that’s just weird.
Choccies – please don’t count them in the picture, they were yummy and do you know how hard it is to photograph chocolates once a small child has spotted them
Gorgeous vanilla scented soap – it smells delicious!
Cranberry-raspberry jelly.  I admit I have a slight apprehension for anything called jelly that you don’t have to add water to, but in this case I will be savouring it on toast and renaming it jam.
A Necklace – because everyone needs some bling in their life
A notebook which has already found a home in my bag.  I love notebooks, and with 3 children it’s the only way I can remember anything nowadays
A measuring tape - which has already been used, and in inches ‘and’ cm it’s perfect!
A book and bookmark -  My sender said it was her favourite book when she was 10 years old.  As suggested, I do intend to read it with my children, I will also share the wonderful story of how it got to be with us.
A Mirror – which I know I will have to fight my daughter for.
And last of all, a gorgeously simple tree decoration which became the first decoration on our tree this year.  I love it! 

Overall I feel soo lucky to receive such a wonderful box from my sender, and for being included in such a great project.  I look forward to participating in the next one – oh and I promise to send in the photos a bit quicker next time.

Thank you my curious sender and Tiffany,"


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