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2 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #258

"Dear Curiosity Project... Here are some photos of my Curiosity Box, and my story!

I saved my box for Christmas Day so I could open it with my little sister who also took part in the project. The box was wrapped in lovely flowery material, and we were very excited! The first present was a pair of earrings with a flower picture on them - I completely love them! 

Then we found a pair of very fluffy slipper socks which have been keeping my toes warm ever since. 

A huge slab of Milka, one of my favourite chocolates, two handmade brooches, both with a heart-shaped pattern on. Next, we found two little owl hair clips that my sister said are 'just me' and a really pretty pearly bracelet. A gorgeous plate/bowl with music notes on, and my two favourites... a vintage-looking photo of flowers that has made me look forward to the Spring, and the most gorgeous little penguin Christmas Tree decoration.

I think most of the gifts were handmade, and love the fact that someone had taken the time and effort to make these. I also think this person should spend all her time from now on making lovely little things and open a cute little shop to sell them in! 

I had a huge smile on my face looking through my presents... I love my Curiosity Box, thank you very much my curious friend! xxx

And thank you Curiosity Project for organising this so well :)"

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