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2 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #260

"As expected, I was at work when the postman tried to deliver the box, and had to wait 24 hours before it could be collected.... the excitement nearly killed me! Luckily, my lovely boyfriend collected it for me the next day whilst I was at work and dropped it off so that I could open it straight away.

Once I managed to get into the cardboard wrapping, I found a beautiful wooden box, decorated in red and gold glittery paper - very festive :)
Inside the box there was a card from my curious sender explaining why she has chosen each item. The card had a great comedy moustache - always a winner!
The box smelt beautiful, mostly because of the mulling spices that my sender had included, but also because she had chosen some lovely smellies from Lush - my favorite & a perfect choice for me as most of their products are vegan :) These were Glogg shower gel, which is very very Christmas-sy, and a mint chocolate lip scrub, which tastes amazing!

My sender also included some cute little hand warmers - again an excellent choice, my boyfriend likes to joke that he has never met anyone who gets as cold as I do! So these will be put to good use :) 
There were some indoor sparklers - which I have yet to use, but made me smile as my best friend had also bought me some and I am saving them all to do with her next time we see each other.
Last but not least there was a beautiful little gold horse shoe ring, which I put on straight away and have hardly taken off since :) This was right up my street, as I love horses (as my sender said in her card) and I hope it will bring me some good luck in 2012!

Thank you, curious friend, for my curious Christmas box! :) It was so lovely to receive such a thoughtful gift, especially from a stranger. I hope you had a Merry Christmas & I wish you all the best for the New Year :)

Also, thank you Tiffany for organising such a wonderful project. I had so much fun putting together the box that I sent out, I shall definitely be signing up for the next one!"

Sarah :) xxx

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