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2 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #263

Jedi the cat feeling the force of curiosity...

"To my lovely curious friend Kathryn and everyone at the Curiosity Project

Firstly, apologies to Kathryn for not posting my box on here sooner. Tiffany emailed me as I understand you were worried it had not arrived safely. It did, thank you, ages before Christmas but I was saving it for Christmas Day to open with my family. I hope my "safely arrived" message got through to you, that you can forgive me for being a little tardy and the fact that we all agreed it was, by far, the most exciting gift to open that day makes up for this.

Inside my box (all wrapped up in decorated brown paper) I found a lovely handmade card with little clues to each of the individually wrapped gifts inside - all adding up to a nostalgic Christmas laced with Kathryn's family traditions (which really got us speculating about who Kathryn was, where she lives and what she would be up to on 25th December).
We all (even, as you can see from the photos, Jedi the cat) tried to guess what was inside the wrapping from the clue and cooed with delight as each was unwrapped.

Thank you Kathryn for choosing such gorgeous gifts so perfectly matched to me from the little information I gave you and for really brightening up my family's Christmas. I hope you loved your curiosity box as much as I love mine and that you have a had a wonderful Christmas (with cheeseboard !) and a great beginning to the new year. I will think of you whenever I go to Liberty now !

Thank you Tiffany and everyone else at the Curiosity Project for such a brilliant idea that brought so many smiles. I loved gathering the goodies for the box I was posting and of course, unwrapping the goodies inside the one I received. I also hope my curious recipient has had fun unpacking my offerings - I can't wait to see their posting on here now."


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