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3 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #264

"Dear Curiosity Project,

Happy New Year!! Hope you had a wonderful festive season & a great start to 2012! Many apologies for not sending this in sooner as I'm sure my sender will be wondering whether their box ever arrived. I'm so sorry & can only blame work & Christmas for not doing this so much sooner. However, I am SO touched by all the little things that were packaged into my box & loved every one of them! It was being held by a neighbour as I wasn't in when the postman delivered it & so it was a very exciting surprise when my neighbour came over with it. I waited until my little one had gone to bed so I could savour the detail & love that had gone into my special gift...

Everything inside was perfect & I did actually open my packet of Flumps first thing to enjoy while investigating everything else. I do love a Flump! I did wonder if the sender had an idea of who I was as the beautiful exercise book enclosed had birds all over it & I love anything with birds or birdcages on it, including the little pink bird on my logo! The gorgeous vintage brooch is pinned to my winter coat & has been admired by many over Christmas & the silver & gold doillies have been used already on the dining room table. The mulled wine was enjoyed with my mum but I have yet to sample my herbal tea yet. I had just been thinking that I needed to be more adventurous with my tea drinking & at least try some of the herbal varieties before turning my nose up at them & so this is just what I need to have a go & try. My lip balms are perfect for this cold wintery weather too.

Thank you so much for this beautiful box of goodies - it was so appreciated & loved."

Best Wishes,


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