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3 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #266

"Dear Curiosity project,

I received my box a few weeks ago but due to university commitments I have only just had chance to submit the photos! I was thrilled with the care and attention to detail my box had. My curious friend had decorated the outside of the box with decoupage of flowers and nature from glossy magazines, really pretty. Once inside the box I could tell that my friend had continued the theme of flowers throughout (I was pleased they had read and taken on board my description in which detailed my love of nature!)

My friend had provided a postcard introducing me to the contents in the box. It was lovely that each item had it's own individual tag hinting at the contents within.

I have already started using the post it notes for my university work and enjoyed a lovely cup of tea in the tea set! 

The addition of my friend's own selection of photos was a really sweet idea, I enjoyed looking through them. My friend also took note of the fact I had mentioned about walking my dog, the hand warmers have been very useful in this cold weather!

Thank you curious friend :-)"

1 comment:

  1. Yey, it did arrive! I was beginning to think our friends at the post office may have mislaid it ;) I had lots of fun finding pretty flowery pictures to decorate the box, so glad you liked the contents too, a mix of old & new, forgot to mention that I bought the white felt flowers in Tallinn, Estonia, so its international too! :)
    Stay curious!
    Christy xx