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3 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #267

"My package arrived over Christmas. We arrived back to a cold house on a very rainy and windy day. But there on the mat was my Curiosity Project Parcel. How exciting. I wanted to open it immediately, but had to wait until we'd located the camera in amongst all the bags and boxes we brought back after Christmas. 

The first thing I noticed was a little apology - "Sorry it's not an actual box. I make small things" An entirely unnecessary apology, which served to intrigue me more about the contents of the parcel. 

I first opened the parcel addressed to 'me and my little ones' and found a Little Miss Sunshine book. I have been reading this to my daughter several times over the last few days. A real winner. 

I then found some beautiful handmade things; Some miniature bunting, a button necklace and earring set, a bracelet, and a beautiful wire Christmas tree, complete with star on top.  Just gorgeous. 

Thank you so much to my curious friend, and thank you for hand-making my gifts. It was such a treat to come home to. Happy New Year to you."


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  1. yay! you got it! :) Search for me on Facebook "Made by Sami" and come say hello :) x