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3 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #269

"My Curiosity Box arrived, after much anticipation, two days before Christmas. With lots of parcels arriving at that time of year I had been hopeful each time the postman rang but this time I saw the words, 'The Curiosity Project' written in bold letters on the parcel and my excitement began to grow. 

I unwrapped the neat package to reveal a beautiful navy box, which I opened straight away. Inside I saw a selection of goodies accompanied by a card sent from my curious friend. I felt very lucky to be the recipient of such delights! A tin emblazoned with the words, 'Mortal Terror' caught my eye immediately, and I was a little frightened to open it, however there was no need. It contained some gorgeous looking stripey mints and a short story by Zadie Smith, which I am yet to read. I wonder if the contents of the box offers some clues about my curious friend? My favourite things are definitely travel related, namely the beautiful tags made from a London map and even more tags made from what is a clever take on the London Tube map, with station names replaced with titles such as Joy, Doubt and Envy. I also received some wonderful map envelopes, depicting different parts of the world, intended for Air Mail. I have friends all over, and look forward to using these when sending gifts and letters. In addition to these beautiful things, I received a bracelet, which I think may be hand made and which I very much look forward to wearing; animal rubber bands which are very cute indeed, almost too cute to use; a viewfinder which forces you to look at the world from a different perspective (something we all need to do from time to time) and a lovely leather purse containing some little buddhist (I think!) inspired statues. I will look after these and hope they bring me good fortune in return. 

So thank you to my curious friend, and to Tiffany for organising such a gorgeous project. I have really enjoyed being part of it and look forward to the next one."


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