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3 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #271

"I received my box on the 23rd after having the morning from hell trying to get ready to go away for a Christmas break (with no internet connection I'm afraid so sorry for the delay).
I had dropped a bottle of wine on the pavement, been locked out of my house and was generally frazzled when my housemate said there had been a parcel delivered for me. I raced up the stairs and ripped open the brown paper to find a lovely silver parcel. 

Inside was a beautiful ( I think homemade) box which I have started using for all my knitting. Inside the box was lots of little parcels neatly wrapped and sprinkled with silver snowflakes. My friend had read how much I love wintertime!

Inside there was:

*A candle in a glass jar - so elegant. I love it's little lid.
*Ski socks - perfect for my ski trip coming up, lovely and girly
*Two lip balms - to stop my lips chapping on the slopes. excellent
*A mulled wine spice - I will be using this to keep warm!
*A lovely mug with a knitted 'coat' on it. I love how cosy it is.
*AND 3 handmade decorations which will stay up all year, so lovely and unique.

Thank you Curious friend you really cheered up the start of my Christmas."


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