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4 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #277

"I saved my Curiosity Box for Christmas Day.  (Sorry, been away since and had no chance to upload)  I absolutely loved my gifts from my curious friend, and am so glad I came across this project and became a part of it.  It is my first year and wasn't really sure of what to expect, but having had such a fantastic experience, due to my lovely sender, I will def join in again next year!  I opened my parcel to find a box FULL of treats! 

Thank you for my sweet bird card, dear sender - (I didn't know I should put a card in and so the poor recipient who got a box from me didn't get a card, oops!)  There was also a luscious lollipop and a darling little bag of buttons for all those craft projects I'm always tied up with.  (I collect buttons for this purpose, how did you know?!)  

I smiled to find a pair of cow print socks - I put them on immediately - I love them!  Thank you.

Next, I found a gorgeous set of Cath Kidston pencils and eraser. I'm a massive Cath Kidston fan, and popped these into my Cath Kidston handbag so that wherever I am, I always have something to write with (and something to rub out with!) There was also a really pretty notebook, in the same print as afore-mentioned bag, so that went straight in there too. How very very thoughtful of you.  There was some beautiful notepaper, and in the centre of it, a beeswax candle.  Not long ago, I bought a vintage candlestick at a carboot sale - it has been standing on the dresser with no candle to go in it, and this candle complements it beautifully!  

I loved the Cath Kidston bath powder, and the champagne truffles were a gorgeous treat!  There were also mini party sparklers, which we used at New Year, in Cornwall, and our whole family enjoyed them.  Thank you, sender, and Happy New Year to you!  I look forward to using the lovely soap, it looks good enough to take a bite out of!  There were also two darling little packs of alpine strawberry seeds, and some very pretty mini Cath Kidston notecards with envelopes.

My sender - you have truly shown me how it is to be done!  I noticed all your attention to detail, the embellishments on the box, on the card, the tissue paper, the pretty ribbon you used on the notepaper....I appreciated everything.  The gifts you sent to me are things I already know and love, and therefore we MUST be similar people! Opening my curiosity box on Christmas Day was a real blessing.  It was a very special box of treats for me, and I truly relish every one of them, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You went to such trouble for a complete stranger, what a kind and thoughtful person you must be.  May 2012 be as filled with blessings, treats and wonderful surprises for you as my curiosity box was for me..."

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