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4 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box # 282

"I received my curiosity parcel before Christmas and, after a wry smile from the postman, I couldn't wait to open it!  The only problem was I haven't stopped since - so huge apologies to my sender if they were getting worried as to whether or not I had received it.

My lovely curious friend certainly picked out my likes and created a parcel full of goodies which contained:

a bag with safety pins on (very sewer friendly!)
a pincushion
a thermos flask and Bristol walk book (v.v handy and I shall be trying one these imminently!!)
some very cute elf Christmas ornaments that went straight on the tree
a Christmas pudding bath bomb
a recipe for Krispie Kreme doughnut hot chocolate (one to save when the diet fails in a few weeks!)
a Christmas candle
a 2012 diary so I can keep track of the wedding planning and...
a cryptic envelope that I'm not allowed to open until my wedding (which is September - not sure how I will cope!).

All of this came with a Christmas card with a sweet poem inside and Christmas Greetings from Cuxton on the front.  Is this where my sender lives or is a curve ball?!

All in all a fabulous surprise.  Thank you to my sender and to Tiffany for organising such a wonderful project."


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