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4 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #283

"It took a while to persuade the man in the Post Office that, despite not being called 'The Curiosity Box', I was the intended recipient and he handed over the box to my delight.  I clutched it close on the way home, super excited to find out what I'd been sent all the way from Poland!

Disappointed I was not, as I unwrapped the gold polka dot wrapping to unveil a cavern of blue tissue paper and ribbon wrapped goodies.

A Christmas card from my Curious gift-giver wished me a lovely Christmas, before I got on to the gifts...

Firstly, Christmas decorations; a lovely knitted Christmas tree alongside a felt stocking and sweet.  They went straight on my own Christmas tree, and looked wonderful.

Next, a bottle opener and three badges in a beautiful pink print.  They're from a Polish design place      (http://colorfolk.pl/ ) which seems to have the most wonderful array of items.  I wish I could read Polish!

A pack of orange and pink origami paper was next in line - the perfect treat given I'd downloaded an origami app just days before. Who knows what paper animals I'll be making?!

A knitted handwarmer and Gluhwein hot chocolate stirrer (like mulled wine, with chocolate) were perfect items for the cold winter days.

And last-but-not-least, a delightful paper cutter shaped like a tree - that'll keep me going for Christmases to come crafting homemade cards.

All in all, what a wonderful experience!  I'm thrilled with my gifts, and send a heartfelt thanks to the sender!"

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