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5 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #284

"After a month's long vacation, I expectantly approached my desk at the office, and squealed with delight to find a brown box peeking from underneath. I'd like to let my sender know that if I hadn't been away, I would have shared my box on the blog a lot earlier.

As I opened the box and saw the contents, it was exactly what I had imagined it would be - MAGICAL. It was filled with so many pretty things that I couldn't help but gasp like an excited little girl at every piece I held. I love the dainty bracelet and necklace with a very charming pendant that my sender creatively put together for me. It's as if she knew what colors I liked when she made them. There was also a DIY kit, complete with materials and a booklet so I can create my own pieces. Plus, I love the candle that had a yummy, relaxing scent which I've found a special spot for on my desk in the office.

The box I received was perfect. I'd like to take this chance to THANK the person who sent it, and tell her I will treasure everything."

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  1. Yay! I need to stay anonymous in the spirit of the project but I am so glad you liked your box :) xx