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5 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #285

"Hi Curious team,

I’ve just returned from Christmas overseas to find a box sitting on my desk (so glad I provided my work address, and not my home), and my desperately curious colleagues insisting I open it immediately to see the contents inside (they all know about the project). So, I cast my two weeks of emails aside and got to opening …

Inside I found some nicely wrapped packages of varying shapes which sparked some curiosity; especially because my curious sender’s note said ‘I had thought about getting you a pair of the glittery Miu Miu peep toe booties but it blew the budget!’ 

The contents included a fabulous shoe calendar (which now sits on my desk, and attracts the other girls in the office to look and discuss), a badge with a cat on it and a cat toy (I have a spoilt, Himalayan whom I adore) and a little cross stitched picture stating “I love tea” which I found hilarious because I work with nine Brits who LOVE their tea and are trying to get me to love it too! Admittedly, I still drink coffee.

I really enjoyed this project – both putting a package together, and receiving one – thanks for putting it together ... and to my curious sender thank you very much indeed!"

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