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5 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #287

"My box arrived on Christmas Eve! I was so excited, and it was the biggest present under the tree.
Now I go a bit gaga when it comes to craft. So you can imagine how I reacted when I opened a pink crafting box to find a horde of crafting materials!

Inside was;

·        Felt – so much felt so little time!
·        Metallic pens
·        Funky swirly pencils
·        A Christmas tree decoration - looked super cute on our tree
·        Pink craft scissors and Pritt stick.
·        Balloons-these looked awesome at new year
·        Pom poms
·        Pipe cleaners – these rely took me back to my childhood.
·        Coasters
·        Very useful string
·        Violet and Pink food colouring time to get cupcake making!
·        And a hippo who smelt of orange – how awesome is that!

Thank you so much to my sender, you obviously put shedloads of thought into my box. Time to get crafty."


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