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5 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #290

"My children were very excited about a parcel arriving that we could actually open before Christmas so we unwrapped it together on the kitchen windowsill. I had to stop them from getting everything out of the box before I could take photos!

When I opened the parcel I was very amused to see that it had been wrapped up with dinosaur wallpaper, so the dinosaurs were on the inside.  There was a very smart shiny red tin within the paper.

I opened the lid of the tin to find two sticks of rock and some pretty cards and postcards.  The sender had very kindly written out some of her favourite cake recipes (I am a keen baker) which I will be trying out soon.  Clipped on to one of the cards was a magnetic cake shaped bookmark – perfect for marking the page in a cookbook.

Next, some beetroot seeds (perfect for my veg patch) and some edible glitter which will be extremely useful.  My daughters use buckets of the stuff when decorating fairy cakes.  Plus some very smart cupcake wrappers and some edible goodies.

All in all a thoughtful and useful box of lovely things that I am very grateful for.  Thank you to my curious friend!"

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