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5 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #291

It was approaching Christmas and I was getting worried my box may have been lost or worst in the post!  But then I received and email from Tiffany saying that the sender of my box had tried to send me the curiosity box but it had been returned to sender!  Outrageous… I went downstairs and scoured the hall and checked inside the letterbox looking for any card or anything the post lady may have left, but there wasn’t anything.  I confirmed my address again with Tiffany and just a few days later I returned home from work and was greeted by a Note Left card from the Post Lady… Unfortunately I’d just missed her… the card said she’d been at 1pm and I had to wait 3 hours before it would be back at the post office… It was only 1.30pm L

Come 3:30pm I was just too excited to wait anymore so I invented a reason to go out to the next village, where the post office is, and as I was “just passing” the post office I called in “on the off chance”… How excited was I when the post lady knew exactly which parcel I was coming to collect… she handed it over to me through the little security hole thing and I scurried out of the shop as fast as I could.  I got back into my car and looked at the parcel….

O how exciting this was.  I start looking around the car park to see if anyone is looking at me.   There were a few people looking at me but I think that was because I was looking at them… They had no idea I had a box of treasure on my passenger seat J  and it was very exciting treasure.  I proceeded to unwrap the box in side and found:

Now this was awesome.  I real proper shoebox wrapped in tissue paper and silver Christmas paper.  I couldn’t wait to get inside and this is what I found:

The card was a surprise. I hadn’t put a card in my own box, I wish I had now. I put the card to one side without opening it thinking it would be disciplined of me to wait. Ha. Inside the box was an array of goodies and delights, my most favourite being the Christmas Ball in the red net bag – it’s hanging from my lamp stand now (it was too heavy to go on my ickle Christmas tree but I don’t care – I simply LOVE IT):

Everything in the box seemed to indicate it had come from somewhere up North, not North (as in Birmingham), but North North higher than Newcastle. The highland biscuits gave it away and they were delicious. The iron bru didn’t last long – I saved it for the evening when I was watching a film on the DVD player. Yum yum yum. I’d forgotten how good Iron-Bru is! Now in the bottom of the box was an extra surprise I wasn’t expecting.  A bar of Belgian Chocolate, not just any bar, but a bar that had a personalised professionally printed cover. It was amazing! It was wrapped separately in tissue paper. Here’s me starting to unwrap it:

A secret message!  I love this sort of thing….  Onwards I went with peeling the tissue paper off:

And on the back was printed:

And then I cracked and opened the card.  Here is what it said:

The Chocolate Library. Pure brilliance. Check it out

How wonderful.

Dear Curious Scottish Lady,

Thank you so so so much for your gift.  I’d been dreading Christmas for lots and lots of reasons but I can honestly say you started something that totally transformed the season into something memorable.  It completely lifted me and I am very thankful.  I can only wish that you received a box so equally delightful and you had a very wonderful Christmas.  I will definitely be keeping one of the reindeer to remember you by and passing the other one on to someone else…  with much love, your curious x"

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