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6 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #295

 "I received my box of gifts yesterday - our parcel delivery is at 8:30am every day and at last the van stopped at our front door. We are on our summer holidays at the moment so we were all home to enjoy opening it - my three kids were only just a bit less excited than me. A lovely collection of things with a mad hatters tea party theme:

  • Eat Me and Drink Me note cards
  • Three mad hatter hats
  • A tin of tea
  • Tea making instructions
  • A beautiful little cress garden to create (created and already sprouting happily on top of our fridge)
  • A collection of embroidered felt 'biscuits'
  • A lovely note from Lisa

I love everything but two things that felt like they were specially meant for me - the hot air balloon or parachute cigarette card tucked into one of the hat bands - I collect things with hot air balloons! And when I was breaking up the packing box to put in the recycling bin (the box was from a garlic farm on the Isle of Wight) I discovered a little lichen covered twig tucked under one of the flaps - I'm going to believe that it's found its way to Australia all the way from the Isle of Wight - how cool is that?

So, thank you Lisa, for a wonderful box of gifts and thank you Tiffany for organising such a lovely project - we enjoyed it immensely."


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