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6 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #297

"I was so excited to receive my box and had to resist the temptation to tear into it when the postman delivered it - it deserved undivided attention with a large mug of tea.  Tied with a black satin ribbon the box was filled with individually wrapped goodies and a card which instructed me to ‘open last’.

My sender had obviously gathered that I’m a kid at heart, especially when it comes to Christmas and I was treated to a variety of seasonal novelties:

Snowman Ear Muffs (appropriated by my 4 year old daughter)
A glittery pink piggy bank (complete with £1.00 inside)
A snowman poppy-up thingymajig
A Santa ‘…days to Christmas’ blackboard and chalk (which we made use of straightaway and will be used for years to come)
A Bauble Photo Frame
A sequin star box with some flashing Christmas tree earrings inside.
Some Magic Snow Powder (not yet used, but may be soon if we don’t get any snow)

As instructed, after opening the pressies I opened my card which explained all the gifts and had a lovely little note.

It was so much fun, just the sort of things I used to get in my Christmas stocking and I’ve enjoyed sharing them with my daughter.

Thank you, Curious Friend. xxx"

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