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6 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #298

"Hi There, 

Just when I had given up hope of my Box arriving soon, The postman knocked on the door with a box all the way from Canada! 

I was so excited I couldn't wait to open it, so there are no pictures of the box as it arrived! 


An Article 'Therapeutic use of Humour; Occupational therapy clinicians perceptions and practices' by D, Leber and E, Vanoli (I am an Occupational therapy student so this is wonderful! 
Small Glittery owl ornament 
Little Christmas stocking 
Some AMAZING smelling coffee from Equator coffee shop 
Some Beautiful vintage maple leaf earrings
And a Skeleton key that is roughly 115 years old!!

This parcel is incredibly sweet and so thoughtful! I am hoping to emigrate with by Boyfriend to Canada when I qualify so it couldn't be more perfect! I am especially in love with the earrings and the key! 

Thank you very much for my box! I can't wait for the next round ;) 


Freyja X"

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