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6 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #299

"I have received my box & I LOVED it! I have attached some pictures of some of the lovely things that were inside it. 

This really could have been made for me by one of my friends, it seemed so well matched to me. I had even very nearly bought the same candy cane decorations the week before, so I was very pleased to get them. All the decorations went straight on the tree, as you can see. 

The ladybird pins came in very useful as I had just been complaining earlier that day that I had lost my drawing pins & so the Christmas cards kept falling down. Plus I love ladybirds! I had never had Winter Nips before, but they are yummy!

The Wonder Woman cushion, which I love, came with a message saying "you are this woman", which even though the sender didn't know me, still made me feel good.The eye mask is going to be put to good use shortly as I have a relaxing early night planned. I had been meaning to buy a new one of these for a while too, I think my sender may be psychic! I only ate the lolly last week, but it was so so good, I both wanted to eat it slowly to prolong the loveliness and couldn't eat it fast enough! I don't know if it's because I haven't had a lolly for a while or because it is from some special amazing lolly shop?

Anyways, so sorry for the delay in sending this in & worrying my sender, who was so thoughtful, psychic & wonderful. I really felt like they knew me and had put a lot of thought into it."


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