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7 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #300

Today I received my box!  Having spent most of November and all of December away from home, I have been feeling all of the classic post-New Year flatness and inertia. My box had been delivered to the address where I had been staying, and had to be posted on to me. So while expecting its arrival, I was still stupidly excited when it was finally handed over by our bemused postman.  Opening it really did chase away the January blues!

Well wrapped in brown paper, I found a smart black box that contained layer upon layer of goodies; all nestled in shredded printed paper.  While I had provided rather a lot of information for my sender, like many people, I was really surprised by the feeling that some of the things were chosen by one of my best friends. Almost every item has a link to something in my life.  For example, a copy of Murakami’s “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”.  Murakami is one of my favourite authors (a fact I’m sure I didn’t provide), and as a trainee typesetter I worked on the first English translation of one of his books.  “What I Talk About…” is one of the few books he has written that I haven’t yet read, it’s already on the bedside table.  There’s a fabric clip purse; and I know I didn’t mention the fact that I love purses. I always have about four of them in by bag at any one time, containing random things that range from the sensible to the sentimental. I’m also a sucker for bracelets, and I now have a new set of six beaded ones and a gloriously sparkly friendship one (a type that I have looked at loads of times, but never bought, thinking “I’ll just make one of those” and never have). I’m going out this evening, and will wear them all together. 

What my fantastic sender sent me:
A card made by my sender as part of her Christmas Thank You cards – I opened this first, and it gave me such a laugh that I knew my box would be great!
Three pieces of felt (use felt all the time, love the colours).
A piece of fabric in a fun farm print (can see me making something for one of my nephews with it).
A blank Artist’s exercise book (I’m a list maker and journal writer, perfect).
An incense coil and stand set (this made the whole box smell wonderful, can’t wait to light one).
A Bronnley lavender soap (reminds me of my Great Auntie Barbara, Bronnley was her favourite).
A vintage glass with a fisherman on it (my Great Aunt – see above – had some of these with hunting scenes on them. I’ve always wondered what happened to them, now I have my own).
Six beaded bracelets and a sparkly friendship bracelet.
A painted wooden spoon, with a cool matryoshka face on one side (I collect handmade spoons in a vague kind of way!).
A lovely floral fabric purse.
A bag of sequins (love the colours).
A cool B&W photo of Canary Wharf tube station (the site of many a happy meeting with one of my friends).
A copy of “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”.
A brooch made from old book pages (I do loads of crafts – one of which is altering books (again something I didn’t mention), but have never made any jewellery from one).
A pouch of vintage buttons (many ideas of how to put these to good use already).
Four candy canes (one eaten so far, don’t think the rest will last the day).
A bundle of silky tassels (now adorning my crochet bag).
A beautiful satin pouch (vintage?)  embroidered with a bird (this was just made for keeping something special safe – my journal fits in it perfectly).

To my Curious Friend – Thank you so very much. Opening the box gave me such pleasure, and I know the contents will continue to do so as I use them/wear them/read them/craft them/look at them.  They are all fabulous!
Wishing you a very Happy 2012, Jo xx

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  1. Really pleased you liked the box contents. I'm just sorry it arrived so late!