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8 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #301

"I was really excited when the box arrived - but I made myself wait to unwrap it so I could enjoy it properly.  Inside there was a beautiful vintage-style paper bag with a picture of birds on it (how did you know I love birds?). Inside the bag, between layers of fantastic pink tissue paper, there were wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful presents.  

There was an envelope with a letterpress deer on the front and card with a message inside telling me all about the items and where they came from - and giving some very sound advice on how to spend a perfect Christmassy afternoon.  

There were a set of heart-headed pins which I will certainly use for sewing and knitting projects in the future....a little bundle of fabrics (some new, some old, all gorgeous) tied up with fancy ribbon.  I can't wait to use it :) I had been cheeky and asked that my curious friend send me a picture of their view and, sure enough, there was a little photograph which - because it was double-exposed - was both a portrait and a landscape.  I have it up on my wall now and it is beautiful and haunting.  

More layers of tissue and more goodies!  A string of lace bunting!  A card of black buttons (definitely going on the next project whatever it may be)! A little Chinese paper lantern! A crystal drop for the window! A funny little rabbit Christmas-tree ornament! and a wonderful vintage paper bauble with birds on it...Actually, this was my favourite item...I loved it the second I saw it but after a few days playing with it and moving it around the house from place to place I discovered that it opens!  It was like another little Christmas! 

 Inside there was more fabric and a little packet of pretty buttons in a handmade envelope with a letter-pressed rabbit on the front.  I can't tell you how delighted I was with that!  Everything was so wonderful and thoughtful - I find it hard to believe that you are a stranger and that we've never met.  If I had to buy a present for myself, I couldn't have picked anything more perfect.  Thank you so much!  I have packed away some of the decorations carefully, but other things - like the bunting, the photograph and the big bauble - have found a home for themselves in my bedroom and will remind me of you, and of the kindness of strangers, every day.  

Thank you curious friend!"


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  1. I adore this box!! the fabrics are gorgeous, I hope you enjoy making something fabulous with them xxx