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8 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #302

"I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to post this. I have been away for quite a while and was delighted to get home to my glorious box of treasures from my curious friend!
The amazing thing about the project is that people put such a massive amount of thought into the gifts and in my case my curious friend put an outrageous amount of thought into the wrapping and presentation too. It was simply beautiful.

The socks were super snuggly, the book will be coming with me on my next trip, the coasters had their first outing at "safari supper" on Friday, the cookie stamper will be in use for next weeks shortbread
mission, the homemade treasures are absolutely beautiful and as for the chocolate - a superb choice which lasted about 3 minutes...

The CD though was my favourite. Having songs that someone else had selected specifically for my dancing joy, was so great. I turn 30 later this month and this will be sure to feature at some point in the

Thank you so much, my curious friend, for such thoughtful gifts and for being so patient in waiting for me to post. The box made me squeal with delight and I will treasure all the lovely treats. I hope that
you had a terrific festive season and that this year is your best yet.

Much love,

Your Curious Friend xxxx

p.s. Thank you all for doing this project, it's like grown up and much more exciting pen pals!"

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