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9 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #305

"I received my box all the way from Poland!!

I was very excited to be woken one morning shortly before Christmas by a knock at the door- it was the postman with my Curiosity Project!!  I had written in my details that I was interested in other cultures and after a quick look at the packaging I realised my box had arrived all the way from Poland- How exciting! Not only that but my sender had also taken note of my interest in culture and the fact that I was from an Italian background, so she sent me a box full of things MADE in Poland and very sweetly wrote what they were in Italian (as she had lived in Italy herself for a short while!)  :)

Inside my beautiful box I found some yummy Polish Chocolates ready to be hung on my Christmas tree and some beautiful handmade Little Red Riding Hood Character Christmas Decorations!

I also found a small cupcake keyring, a little mirror with a famous polish landmark on it, some pretty coasters, and some GORGEOUS sleigh tea light holders!!

I absolutely love my box, the fact that it came from so far and how much effort my sender had put into it!!! I especially loved the Red Riding hood Christmas decs and the sleigh candle holders and I can't wait to use them every year at Christmas!

Thank you so much to my curious sender! :D xx"

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