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8 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #307

"I am thrilled to announce that my box arrived this morning! I hope you're able to squeeze this into the blog before you shut up shop for this project.

I actually just arrived back home as the postman pulled up in his van to deliver my box. It was wrapped in Orla Kiely paper (no pics I'm afraid as the baby got to it before I could get the camera out!). But it looked very inviting and I couldn't wait to get it open. It was actually nice to get it when January is well underway and Christmas is but a distant memory. 

My box was late arriving due to an unfortunate chain of events; first time round, it got returned to my curious friend (who I now know is called Lucy) either because the postman refused to deliver it due to no proper name (where's the festive spirit, Royal Mail? Where?) or delivery was attempted when I was out, but no card was put through the door to let me know to pick it up. Anyway, once that had been established and Lucy was on the verge of resending, she got burgled. So, hats off to Lucy for actually getting round to sending it at all!

When I finally did have it in my possession, I had a great time opening all the goodies inside the shiny shiny box from the North :-)

And here's what I got:

* A heart-shaped pendant (now hanging on the kitchen door handle)
* A red reindeer, ready to jazz up next year's Christmas tree
* A cornucopia of curiosities including: a key to a mysterious place; a bright red button (I do like a good button, perfect for adorning my craft projects); a badge; some slides of places of holiday snaps (we're only venturing as far as Wales this year, so these pics will liven things up a bit!); and some postcards. Lucy included all these for my little person and he will love inspecting them in his chubby mitts :-)
*A retro 'Make Your Garden Grow' book and some cress seeds. Unbeknownst to Lucy, I do have green fingers and since my maternity pay is soon to run out and purse strings will need to be tightened, this is a great call!
and my absolute favourite
*a tea towel with cats in a tea pot and cup. Too nice to dirty with drying up, I'm planning on getting a frame and hanging this in the kitchen.

I know I'm not meant to know your name, Lucy. But, this was a fantastic haul and I send many thanks to you, my curious friend up North. And many thanks to all Tiffany and all those at Curious HQ. This is a fab project that I've really enjoyed taking part in."

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