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9 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #308

"My curiosity box arrived just as I was about to leave for work today, it contained the following treats:

Two novels by Aldous Huxley (never read, looking forward to it)
Some Irish cream flavoured coffee-I subsist mainly on coffee so this will make a nice change (is the Irish cream a nod to my heritage?)
A hot choc drink from Lancashire, a clue to my sender's home? I'll be having this when I get home tonight at 1am.
Some handmade jewellery-the earrings will glam-up my scrubs today!
A beautiful green velvet purse (green is my favourite colour) I think I'll be using this as a make up bag.
And most curiously-a hedgehog stamp. I love him!

How lovely to get a Christmas present in January when everything seems a little dull.

Thank you curious sender. X"

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