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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #314

"So sorry to the lovely sender of my Curiosity Box for leaving it until the very last minute to send in an image! I was delighted with my box which arrived the week before christmas - my Assistant opened it for me, as you will see below ;)

It contained a lovely note which explained the contents…

"To my curious friend - I hope you're well and you're happy with the package I have sent your way.  I tried to put together a festive box that would make you smile.  I thought the shot glasses would be handy to spread some Christmas cheers! I think you'll find the book {The Cooks Book - for the Cook Who's Best At Everything!} useful {unless your name is Nigella!}  It's full of handy hints and kitchen tips.  I love the necklace {a gorgeous bronze colour with 3 cute pendents} and was tempted to buy one for myself.  I thought the envelope on it made it quite appropriate for this box.

The robin and phone box Christmas decoration is so cute and I love red phone boxes.  I hope there is a place for it in your home this Christmas.  The hot chocolate is from a local market and I thought it would come in handy to warm you up on one of these cold winter days.  The rock is in there purely for the curiosity factor - it's the strangest flavour of rock I've seen! {chilli!}.  The Buffet Bar in Slalybridge is a curious persons's dream, it's full of old pictures, curious signs and my favourite says 'beware pick pockets and loose women!' {hence the postcard enclosed}...

I hope I have brought a little happiness to your day"

Yes you did Hailie! Thank you so very much :)"

Annabel xXx

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