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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #317

 "My box arrived one Saturday morning, when I was about to leave to meet a friend…Of course I had to postpone my plan, cause I couldn't just go out and leave the unopened box at home!!

Everything was lovely wrapped in tissue and above there was a note saying “Read me once all gifts are opened. Xx.”

Here is what the note said:

“To my curious friend,

Merry Christmas!!

Inside you will find some essential (and some not) things for the Christmas season.
Inside you will find –
-          Earmuffs – for Christmas outings
-          Lollipops – essential sugar before an outing
-          Necklace – a handmade tree -+
-          A tote bag – another handmade gift, for carrying all your presents!
For when you get home…
-          Cozy panda socks – for warm toes
-          My favorite Christmas Eve books
-          Hot chocolate – please drink whilst reading above book, in bed on Christmas Eve!
-          Cinders Bath bomb – I hope you have a bath! Also great for warming up!
-          Santa Pez – well, why not?
I think that´s about all. I hope your Christmas Eve Pack gives you a joyous and cozy time.
Stay curious!

Much love,


Naomi, thank you so much for every present in the box, the lovely wrapping and the box! I am actually using it as well in my bookshelf! I have followed your advice and read the book in bed with the amazing hot chocolate and my super warm panda socks!! Everything was just perfect, and matched my taste so perfectly! The only thing I haven´t been able to try yet is Santa Pez, and that's cause my boyfriend literally stole it from me the moment he saw it! 

Also I would like to apologize for taking me so long to email the photos. After I got the box I went back to my parents' for more than two weeks, and some technical problems kept me from doing so! 

And thanks to everyone who makes this project possible! I loved it!"


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