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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #319

"Oh, the agony of waiting! I missed the postie on New Year's Eve and was told to wait 5 days to collect it from the sorting office! 5 days!! So, after a nail-biting 5 days I toddled down to the post office and they couldn't find my parcel!! Argghhh!! If curiosity killed the cat, then I must be part-feline. I went back on Saturday and was over the moon to be told that they'd found the Curiosity Box! Hurrah!
Despite all this, I still took around 25 minutes to photograph the various stages of unwrapping from several different angles, on 3 different cameras. Only one is digital, so I have attached those photos here.

I loved everything about the curiosity box -  inside it I found a small notecard on top, which read "Dear Curious Person, Merry Christmas! Here are a few little things just for you, love from Me"
 Inside was a veritable treasure-trove of goods! I literally cannot describe how exciting it was to unwrap each item in the box. Here's what I found:

  • An artist's journal - absolutely love this!! I'm going to use it as a photo journal - perfect for keeping geeky notes on film types!
  • A beautiful greetings card
  • Sparkly nail varnish - who doesn't love sparkly nail varnish!
  • A book called The Small Pleasures of Life by Phillipe Delerm - perfect book for the Curiosity Project!
  • A handmade (I think...) phone case - really cute
  • 2 different Teapigs tea bags -  one Chai (my fave) and one liquorice and peppermint
  • .....and saving my favourite item for last..... the cutest teacup and saucer set- with an illustration of Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son on it. I love tea, I love kitsch, I have already enjoyed a chai tea from this very teacup!

The Curiosity Project left me grinning like the Cheshire Cat, absolutely loved everything I received and am looking forward to reading The Small Pleasures of Life. 

Thank you so much to the sender of my curiosity box and thanks to the Curiosity Project. This certainly brightened up the (usually dreary) first week of January!"


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