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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #322

"I eventually received my Curiosity Box on Christmas Eve, and couldn't wait to open it! 
It was encased in brown paper - strangely exactly what I used for my Christmas wrapping this year - and some rather lovely festive stickers.
Inside, there were tons of little parcels, all wrapped up in tissue paper, and each individually notated with another of my favourite - luggage tags!

My curious friend had been very generous and thoughtful in the trinkets and nik naks she had included in my parcel.We shared fascination for vintage detail, and boy, she didn't let me down! She included things she will use at her wedding, and things she themed her hen party around too...a lovely personal touch!

In my Curiosity Box, I received:
A wonderful note that told me that my friend enjoyed collecting and creating the box for me. She told me it was tailored to my profile but very much reflected her too. She also said she had customised her husband to be's converse trainers in a 'Graffiti-esque' style for their Ceilidh wedding as I love urban art (I'm honoured!).

My little gifts included:
Some cute doilies (which are in my dining room as we speak), some pin up playing cards - our bride to be had a pin up themed Hen! A vintage 'tea and cake' jigsaw and notebook, some beautiful hanging heart Christmas decorations (I'm mildly obsessed with these!), a beautiful pink fabric photo frame and a sweet smelling lavender pillow (something else I'm mildly obsessed with!). However, my 2 favourite things included in the box, which I'm still blown away by, are my embroidered Home picture, hand sewn by our lovely pal, and my Tom Kitten story book. It was so thoughtful that my friend remembered I love cats and vintagey things and combined the 2 in such a thoughtful way.

To my curious friend. I cannot even find the words to tell you how much your lovely gifts touched me. I know you enjoyed making the box for me, but honestly, no-one could have enjoyed it more than I did receiving it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

I hope your wedding goes wonderfully well. With your eye for detail and consideration of others, it will no doubt be beautiful and touching for all involved. Happy 2012!"


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  1. To my Curious Friend.......I am soooo glad you loved your box. Your kind comments & sentiments are very much appreciated. Happy 2012 - the year of wondrous & curious things to come. Bree xx