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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #323

After sending my box, I almost forgot I would receive one myself. Then one day at work a colleague brought through a heavy parcel wrapped in brown paper. I was so excited to open my box! The parcel was written on to ask me to open the envelope first, so I did.

I received a hand written card with a wonderful message, which was really personal and special. My birthday is on Christmas day so my curious friend had decided I should have a special day on a quieter, more relaxing day!

 I couldn't wait to open my box but as instructed I tried to find a free day to open it. I eventually opened the brown paper to find a gorgeous box!

Stunned, I opened the smart case, only to find some step by step instructions for my special day, one for myself and one for the person helping to treat me on my un- birthday. It was incredibly thoughtful as the whole lovely day was planned out for me.

I had gifts, socks and hand warmers to keep me warm whilst walking the dogs, party banners, candles, party poppers, sparklers and much more. There was even a recipe for my birthday cake. I felt extremely special!

With Christmas coming up things were still hectic, and I have to be honest and admit that I haven't found my day to do as instructed yet. I didn't send this sooner as I was hoping to include a picture of the cake and some of the festivities. But I will find my day, and I still have it to look forward to! I also still have a mysterious envelope to open at the end of my special day. I can look forward to this during January or February to brighten up a dull day. My other half has promised to play his part and can't believe how thoughtful my curious friend has been. Neither can I, it's as if they knew me! I actually thought the person who sent it might have found out who I am somehow!

Thank you curiosity project, and thank you so much to my thoughtful and kind curious friend.

Thank you!


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  1. So glad the box arrived safely and you liked it! I think it's a blessing and a curse to share your birthday with Christmas so wanted you to experience a day 'just for you'. Enjoy the cake when you finally get to taste it and don't worry-I'm not a crazy stalker!! Merry Birthday and lots of curious love, Sam xx