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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #325

"Dear Tiffany and the Curiosity Project team,

I do apologise it has taken me so long to send in my piccy's, I've no excuse, I was simply getting carried away enjoying the contents of the box and haven't got round to emailing you!  Firstly I would like to thank you for this wonderful idea, it was quite honestly the BEST christmas present I've EVER had!  The warmth and happiness I felt inside when I received my box and found that a complete stranger had gone to such selfless efforts to fill it with such thoughtful gifts, was just wonderful. So thank you Curiosity Project for your fabulous idea!

Onto the contents of my beautiful box...

The spec I had given to my curious friend was that I adored anything fluffy, sparkly, vintage and silly.  That I had recently become engaged and that I am a loving kitty cat owner.  And by golly did she hit the mark, every single prezzy was soooo me, and so brilliant, it felt like a gift from someone who had known me for years!

A cat in a box!!!

Something for your ears...An Alternative Mixtape!  I stuck this on instantly and loved every single track, listening to these gave me a little insight into my curious sender and what she/he might be like!

Something I made... was the most beautiful PolkaDot heart pillow, which I hang by my dressing table to remind me of my talented, thoughtful curious friend.

Something from one cat lover to another... was the most hilarious Simon the Cat book, I watch him on youtube all the time and giggle away, it's something only a cat owner would truly understand!

Something Vintage-esq... was the most gorgeous little hair clip that I wear all the time and get loads of comments about!

Something for your home...two quaint little bird ornaments that I instantly hung from my Christmas tree, and they looked perfect!

Something cosy... the best, most squiggly, warmest, cosiest Christmas socks EVER!!! As you can imagine they went straight on!

Something Curious... This one touched me so much as I LOVE a good book, my curious friend had actually given me her copy of 'The curious incident of the dog in the night', I am still in the middle of reading it, and it's fantastic!

Something yummy... some choccy coins, which I gobbled up straight away!

Something Fun... these brilliant little finger tashes, which I got out on Christmas day, and the whole family loved them.

and finally my absolute favourite... Something silly... These fabulous, ridiculous Bride and Groom fluffy bird pens... I actually adore them so much that I think on the big day my fiance and I are going to sign the marriage certificates with them! pahahaha!

I can't thank you enough my curious friend, you absolutely melted my heart with your generosity, and I only wish I could thank you in person.  Happy new year!"

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