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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #329

"I really had thought that my sender had forgotten about me after Christmas came and went. Until one day I arrived home from work and found that little card that the post man leaves (which usually makes me sigh with frustration) but this time made me so excited when it read the words 'Curiosity Project'. I went to collect immediately and found that it was actually sent on the 10th of December but had come all the way from CANADA!

I opened my parcel (bursting with excitement) to reveal a quaint little cardboard house which I love and is great for keeping bits and bobs in! Inside were some fantastic curious treats. Including a handmade Christmas bauble (although too late to pop it on the tree it's now hanging on my bedroom door handle), a mini camera keychain which has loads of amazing pictures of Canada inside on the spinning wheel, a bottle of 'Northern Comfort' MAPLE SYRUP (haven't tasted it yet but I'm sure it will be opened when pancake day rolls around), some magnetic polaroid picture frames which I LOVE! and some other cute little trinkets <3

It doesn't have to be Shrove Tuesday to eat pancakes ;-) 

I was so happy to receive a box at all! Let alone the perfect box for me, I had told my sender that I love polaroids and photography :)

So thank you very much my curious friend and to Tiff for setting up this project. I loved sending my box and getting one in return :)"

All the best


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