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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #331

"First of all I just wanted to say how sorry I am that this is being sent so late - unfortunately I've been really quite poorly for the last six weeks and so haven't been able to do much at all but I wanted to make sure that my sender knew I had got my box and how much I loved it!

So firstly it was all packaged in a beautiful tin, which will be so useful for holding bits and bobs and with a beautiful postcard on top.

And inside, was an amazing amount of little parcels, all wrapped in brown paper (my favourite!) and each had a little label on it with a little clue as to what might be inside.

I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of surprises and how perfect and well thought out they all were!

I am now the very proud owner of : 
  • A lovely blue wooden ornament which I put on my Christmas tree and which will now live in my study. My secret sender also said that she had one on her tree as well and I love the thought that we both had the same thing!
  • A beautiful gingham heart (made by the sender?) which has a ribbon to hang it on which will be going to hang with the little birdie to cheer up my study!
  • A gorgeous little tea light holder shaped like a bucket with little hearts cut into it
  • A little jingle bell which also had a home on my Christmas tree
  • A lovely little heart shaped wooden peg which will be really helpful for keeping work stuff together
  • A breakthrough Breast Cancer badge which I shall wear with pride
  • A cute little robin cross stitch kit - I have always wanted to learn how to cross stitch and now I have no excuse!
  • Some pink polka dot baking cases which will have some yummy cakes baked into them as soon as I'm well enough!
  • Some sweet little duck buttons which will be perfect for my knitting
  • A magnet saying "Keep Calm and drink tea" which could not be more perfect for me!
  • And finally, a gorgeous silver pebble saying "success" - I told my secret sender that I was doing a phd and that has been put seriously behind because of health problems of late. I can't tell you how much this pebble meant to me above all the other gifts as daft as it sounds, it felt like someone I'd never even met had faith that I would succeed no matter what!
So dear sender, I thank you so so much for bringing a lot of happiness into a few slightly bleak weeks and I hope that we all have a healthy and happy new year!

And of course to Tiffany, thank you so so much for organising this project. It has been wonderful!"

Thanks, Cheryl xx

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