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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #333

"I'm convinced that the stars covering my Curiosity Box and its contents really do have magical properties. It's the only explanation for:

- the postman ringing the doorbell at 9.15am (a rare occurrence for him to appear before at least elevenses) on a Sunday (yes, a Sunday!) with a brown paper package for me. He explained that he left a card on the Friday and was concerned that it might be a Christmas present so bought he would try redelivering!

- time accelerating at lightening speed since it arrived. That's my excuse for submitting so close to deadline anyway!

- Every single item being brilliant.

The first item I opened was a container of delicious spiced biscuits, perfect for a snackaholic like me. I was born to be indulged! I'm also a (discerning) lush, so the "Kate Made" sloe gin was a perfect accompaniment. I shan't divulge whether they were breakfast ....

I'd love to be musical, but alas when I say I'm an expert fiddler it just means I can't talk on the phone without constructing, deconstructing or playing with whatever is within reach. To prevent me gumming up my fingers semi-permanently with overwarmed blu-tack yet again, my Curious magical sender gave me a bag of miniature Paris landmarks and a book of origami animals to play with. Brilliant! I've always wanted to have a go at Origami, and I have many lovely memories of Paris so what better adornments for my desk?

I love books, and am meticulous about taking good care of them, which is why a bookmark is ideal for me - and so is the book! Especially as its about food, which will certainly inspire to don the lovely handmade pinny.

I'm so lucky to have had such a thoughtful and creative Curious sender. "

You totally had the gin and biccies for breakfast...didn't you. ;-) 


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