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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #335

"I received my box in work, where everyone had been instructed to keep a look out for something addressed to a A Curious Person. Needless to say when it arrived everyone was dying to see what was in it but I resisted until I got home. Under the brown wrapper was a very festively wrapped box and inside lots of individually wrapped goodies from a very talented person.  The card inside read " Dear Curious Christmas Person. Merry Christmas! I hope this box brings you as much pleasure as I had putting it together. Have a glorious festive season and a wonderful new year!"  My Curious person had spent a lot of time and thought in creating a box based on some very sketchy information I provided. The contents were:-
  • a beautifully embroidered tea towel with macaroons
  • matching pot stand with a teapot and saucer ( I work in a tea room!)
  • set of coasters - I don't own any but am always dripping wine/ tea!
  • cracker with truffles
  • two handmade Christmas decorations for my tree
  • little origami stars
  • a blue octopus dog toy for my best friend Woody!

Thank you so much my Curious Friend and to Tiffany for organising such a wonderful project!"

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