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10 January 2012

A Curious Christmas! Box #336

"After some time spent eagerly awaiting the arrival of my box I began to get slightly worried that I had been forgotten, or better case scenario that the postie hadn’t managed to get into my apartment block to leave the parcel or a card. I had finally written the project off as another disappointed expectation of 2011, which hasn’t been the best year for me, despite some wonderful moments in it. I decided to get in touch with Tiffany in the New Year, and when she got back to me she told me that my parcel was being sent all the way from Dubai, and had been posted at the beginning of December! There was hope again, but it did cue even more anxieties about Mr Postie struggling to deliver the precious package! However, I was suddenly excited again, and had renewed hope for 2012 to fulfil the expectations that 2011 never did.

Well, after a busy first week back at work after Christmas I came home to a little white parcel propped up against my front door. Could it be...?? It was! It was finally here! All the way from Dubai (via London)!

I hurried inside, grabbed my camera, and slowly starting tearing into the parcel, attempting to savour every last exciting moment! Within the pure white paper wrapping there was a beautiful black, present-covered box, which I knew would be filled with curious and wonderful presents inside!

First I pulled out a beautiful pink flower box (just my style!). I haven’t decided what to keep in it yet, but it will go beautifully on my dressing table for now.

Next came a gorgeous cream and black flower purse (just my style!). I have already used it with pride, and whenever I use it I can’t help but tell the people I’m with all about the project and the wonderful treasures I received!

Then I reached for the cutest notebook I’ve ever seen in my life, complete with the best patterns I could ever wish for - black cats, polka dots, forget-me-not florals and typography! I didn’t think it could get any better...but then I opened it! On the first page was a handwritten note in the most BEAUTIFUL handwriting, with the most BEAUTIFUL of sentiments! The writing and thoughtfulness of a true princess =)

With the biggest smile and warmest heart I continued to pull treasures from my veritable treasure trove! Next came an intriguing paper bag, covered in scripture and historical images. Inside was a fantastic magnet, which is now taking pride of place on my fridge! I absolutely love the sentiment...and 2012 is the year that I most definitely want to be treated like a queen - if not by other people, certainly by myself!

Then I pulled out a cute little plastic wallet, with three pockets, and layers of more polka dots, flowers and birds. I look forward to finding the perfect use for it, but it would be great for travel documents to accompany me when I go on my travels. It will be a well travelled wallet - all the way from Dubai to the UK to beyond...!

The penultimate treasure was a beautiful green scarf with white printed flowers. The design and colours are so beautiful that I am trying to think of a way that I can enjoy it as often as possible. I am thinking about using it as the focal panel on a large hand-made bag, or perhaps making a cushion that can sit with pride permanently in my humble home. I love how even a little piece of fabric can make me feel so inspired!

Finally I discovered a little silver pen, which I promptly tested by writing a little note to my dear sender. I really mean it too...

Thank you so much to my sender - Princess - for helping to give my 2012 such a great start! I’m so lucky to have had you as my sender, and I couldn’t have asked for more wonderful and thoughtful gifts. It has been amazing to know that they have travelled so far to reach me, and that from half way across the world you have been thinking of little old me - and managed to choose curious treasures more suited to me than I could have ever imagined!

Thank you Princess. I wish you good health and spirits in 2012. Love from your curious new friend, "

Eleanor xox


  1. Hello Eleanor

    Sooo happy you finally got your box. I'm very sorry for the delay.

    It truly warms my heart to know you liked everything :)

    Best wishes for the new year :)


  2. Hello Eleanor

    Sooo happy you finally got your box! I am very sorry for the unexpected delay.

    It truly warms my heart that you liked everything.

    Best wishes for the new year :)