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10 January 2012

We're Closed!

We'd like to thank everyone who got involved in our Curious Christmas project or sponsored the site-without your support and enthusiasm it just wouldn't have been as rewarding as it has been. We've brought people together from all over the world, built new friendships and given those who are unable to get out and about to socialise a real life line. Reading your wonderful comments and kind messages has made it so worthwhile.

Let's not forget those boxes! Ahhhh, those wonderful boxes...although we're actually missing 150 odd that didn't land in our inbox or indeed on the doormats of some of our participants...

Still waiting to see your box on the blog? Still waiting to receive one?

Unfortunately as this project has now finished we're unable to blog any more boxes. We're also unable to continue chasing as the time taken to do all the admin is taking away from time we need to spend on developing The Curiosity Project.

If you'd like to chase your box yourself, we are more than happy to pass on the email address of your sender or recipient for you, just drop us a line to the usual address.

So What's Next?

Well...first we have a break...then we'll start conjuring another fabulous idea for our next project. No idea when the next will be or indeed what it'll be, but rest assured there'll be one!

We're also working on getting together an option to join our mailing list so you can hear the latest news first.

In the meantime, thank you for taking part and keep supporting us!

Miss Curiosity



  1. Sadly missed signing up for the Xmas Curiosity project but did the maiden voyage project. Was fantastic and loved the fact that my box was appreciated and ended with a recipiant that got my humour. Will be keeping a keen eye out for the next one...can't wait! xx

  2. Please do another Curiosity box project! I'm devisated I found out about this too late to participate! xxx

  3. The pleasure was all ours!! xx

  4. Kathryn Claire Steel11 January 2012 at 02:21

    Miss Curiosity,

    My heartfelt thanks go to you for organizing this project. I am sure it took an awful lot of time, effort and patience!

    I eagerly look forward to the next project. Maybe something for Valentines?!

    Once again, THANK YOU!!

  5. thankyou for doing this AMAZING project i have really enjoyed taking part <3

  6. Loved this project but was dissapointed that my recipient didnt blog my gift box.
    Looking forward to the next one though.


    1. Really sad I found out about this project too late to join in! Will definately keep an eye out for the next - I even have my box prepared!!!

  7. Thank you for organising the xmas curiosity project. i enjoyed seeing all of the boxes and reading peoples box opening experiences.
    I cant wait for the next one.
    Valentines would be good :)
    what about themed boxes, colours, circus, fairground, nature, sky.

    Thank you :)

  8. Samantha Willoughby13 January 2012 at 23:02

    Was really disappointed that i missed out on the last one, but am eagerly awaiting the next one!

  9. Loved making my box, and reading that my recipient enjoyed it. Bit sad I didn't get one back but I'll have another go next time :)