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4 January 2012

A Word From Our Sponsor...'More Than Words'

Calling all crafters! Do you design and make your own pieces and are thinking it might be time to start doing so professionally? No idea where to start? 'More Than Words' are a brand new company supporting  up and coming designers and crafters who produce one-off, handmade pieces and are looking to sign-up exclusive designers to launch in 2012. It's a great way to start selling your pieces with the support of a retail company who can promote your pieces on a commission basis.

The criteria is simple...

• It is preferable that you have very little or any web presence at the time you apply.
• Your work can't be sold through other companies.
• Your pieces must be handmade and of a very high standard.

What makes 'More Than Words' different to similar websites? Unlike other sites that crowd their pages with variations of the same design, 'More Than Words' will only showcase and sell a limited number of products at any one time meaning there is no conflict of interests between designers.

How To Apply...

If you'd like to get in touch with Kirstie and find out more about the application process, please email her at kirstie@morethanwords.org.uk.

A new year means a new start-GO FOR IT!

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